Visiting Ise shrine for the second time.

When I was planning my South east Asia trip, I couldn’t find better flight ticket.
Every tickets from Tokyo was expensive. So I peaked the flight tickets from Kansai International Airport.
Then I found out the LCC flight tickets is cheaper than Tokyo. Or maybe cheaper tickets are sold out soon in Tokyo.
So I decide to go to the West, do some sight seeing, and then go to the Kansai International Airport. And I had a place that I wanna go. The Kumanokodo(熊野古道).
So I planned to go to Mie prefecture once more.

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Visiting Rikugien In Autumn 六義園

Rikugien, the beautiful Japanese garden.

What’s Rikugien?

Rikugien is a Japanese garden which is designed by Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu in 1695. It took 7 years to build this beautiful garden and they opened to the public it in 1938.

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