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Kumanokodo, Hiking the Mountain

On the second day of our trip, we went to a little bit more to West, to go to Kumanokodo.
Kumanokodo is a hiking route, the path is made of stones. I underestimated this one although this is the easy one to hike.
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Visiting Ise shrine for the second time.

When I was planning my South east Asia trip, I couldn’t find better flight ticket.
Every tickets from Tokyo was expensive. So I peaked the flight tickets from Kansai International Airport.
Then I found out the LCC flight tickets is cheaper than Tokyo. Or maybe cheaper tickets are sold out soon in Tokyo.
So I decide to go to the West, do some sight seeing, and then go to the Kansai International Airport. And I had a place that I wanna go. The Kumanokodo(熊野古道).
So I planned to go to Mie prefecture once more.

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One Day Trip From Tokyo: Kawagoe aka Coedo

I’ve always wanted to visit Kawagoe lately.
Kawagoe has small old street. And it hasn’t changed  since the Edo period. The Edo period has ended 150years ago. So it means it hasn’t changed for more than 150 years. That’s a long time.

I had lived in the place where is 30 minutes away from Kawagoe, but I’ve never been there. I don’t know why, maybe I was too young, I wasn’t really interested about going somewhere.

Japanese government has been putting effort into  tourist industry these years, the guide or travel information is more detailed ever since.

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Hiroshima for the first time

Hiroshima. The place where I dream of. I wanted to go there because it’s kinda famous historical place in Japan.

So, I went to Hiroshima for the first time. There was a reason to go there.One of my ex share house mate was getting married, me and few other share house mate came to Hiroshima to celebrate his new chapter of his life.
The wedding and reception was held during the week called golden week in Japan. Air plain ticket, bullet train ticket and hotel expense becomes higher price, it wasn’t a cheap trip, I admit.

I bought a bullet train ticket on my way to Hiroshima. I know I should’ve booked them earlier. But hey, it’s too late 😀

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A Day In Yamanashi – Visit The Sunflower Field

I once visited a stunning sunflower field. And it was a bloody good day.
One of my friend who went there with me would tell you that was a bloody bad day though.
I’ll tell you later.

It was a organized plan by our company. It is a retail store management company, and they have a good welfare service, and this is one of the benefit program by the company.
I think you might find the trip plan package flier in some station.

I don’t know about Yamanashi so much. There’s Mt. Fuji, Kawaguchi lake and Yamanaka lake. But This is not about the Mt. Fuji or Kawaguchi lake.

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