The Summer Joy in Roslagen

I spent whole summer in Sweden, Roslagen for the first time.
I haven’t been able to post a blog because I was super busy. I moved to Sweden in May, and I got a job in June.

Living in a country side.

Yes, I live in a country side of Sweden and I love it. The neighbors are nice people.
We may live in a country side but there’s so much going on this tiny village. There’s an apple juice mustari, and 2 galleries. One of them is textile artist gallery, and one of them is painting artist gallery.

I live in a nice place, but working here was not so easy.

Our pond.

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I Moved to Sweden in May!

The situations.

I applied an application to moved to Sweden in 2015, summer. And I finally got the approval, in this year 2017 of March.
At the time I got my approval, I already planed my journey to go to South East Asia, already bought ticket to come back to Japan from South East Asia. So I decided to go on the journey.

And I was planning to go with backpack, so I couldn’t bring all the staff I have in my suitcase. So I left my suitcase at my friend’s place, and come back for that, then move to Sweden.

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Tokyo Comicon

The event of movies fans.

From 2th to 4th December, the Tokyo comicon was held. And I had to go there and see the difference between comicon and Tokyo comicon.
I have never been to comicon in the USA, but I watch some videos on youtube and watch some interviews.
But I found it quite different.
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