#Me too.

It’s been viral about assaulting women or men and sexual harassment.
I am not saying I was assaulted. I am not saying I was humiliated.
Luckily it didn’t happen tome, but I have gotten the situation.

So this is how I awkwardly got rubbed old man’s genital.

When I stayed a hostel, there was an old Japanese guy. He came down from the stairs when I was getting the instruction for staying the hostel. The host gave me some guide books which is written in Japanese, and the Japanese old guy saw I was reading it. He said, “It’s Japanese. Why?”. I said, “I’m a Japanese!”.
So this is how we met.

Since then he had been generous to me. He showed me around the hostel, and he got me some beers on the first night staying the hostel. I felt it that he’s just a Japanese guy who is excited to see other Japanese, and speak his mother tongue. I also kinda appreciated him because I was thinking it would be awesome if someone show me around because this is my first time in this country. He was nice to me, so I was nice to him too.

It happened second night. He said, “You can come to my room, I got private room!”.
I would never go into someone’s room on my own even if I have a permission, especially if it’s a man. So I didn’t want to go to his room.
While I was minding my own business at the living room, he came to me and sat down right next to me. I wasn’t really comfortable, he was really close.
He offered me a beer, but I didn’t want him to get me a beer. Because i just didn’t like it.
I thought we were gonna drink the beer at the living room, but he went to his room, he told me to come with him. There weren’t anytime to say no. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone, but I felt like I would be rude if I say no, so I went his room.

We talked a lot about the hostel, the people who is staying at the hostel, his life, his sons, his Japanese wife, the Taiwanese “daughters”, my family, my life and his sex life.
I started feeling a really bad vibe when he started his sex life. Although I am kinda opened to those subject, I felt it like he is checking how I react.

I’ve talked him that I have boyfriend. But he didn’t seem to care. He even talked to me about chaeting. He have cheated on her wife in Japan, and Taiwan. He told me he has porn,he had bought girls before.
When he told me about his wife, and I thought he’s weird. Because he had left his wife alone in Japan, and he’s living in the other country. His son lives close by, but they don’t live together.

When he’s done talking about it, he said he want to cuddle me in the bed. I said no, you know that’s the situation anybody starts having sex.
Then he said he want to put his head in my thigh. I said no, it was too uncomfortable for me to do that. Because I have boyfriend, and he’s just weird old man in my view.
I saw him that he really want some physical touch with me, so I thought I should wrap this up and go back to room. I said “I’m going to throw the cans away. Do you still have beer?”.
We had 2 cans of beer for each, and he still had some beer left with both of his beer.
So I got my cans, and tried to leave the room.
Then he came to me, and he said wants a hug like we did yesterday. We did hug yesterday, but I kinda feel awkward, because it was kinda long time to hug. Like 30 seconds. It was almost like he’s holding me for 30 seconds.
Before he hugs me, he told me that I can scream if I really don’t like it.
He stared hug me even though I’m holding 4 cans. I was blocking my chest with my elbows. Then he started squeezing his genital against my thigh, and he told me “You looks pretty and are so friendly, so I kinda got excited there.”
I really didn’t like him, he was pushing his feelings which I don’t appreciate.
I called his name with angry expression, and told him to quit it. I don’t remember he apologised or not. I just told him good night, and left the room.

I thought I could push him away, because he was smaller than me and skinnier than me. But I didn’t want him to be hurt. Although he was stronger than I expected, I am sure that I’m stronger than him.
We had spoken that we could go to the coast side together after weekend, before this happened. But we didn’t go together, and I didn’t want to go anywhere with him anymore.

After the night, we just spoke like friendly, nothing happened. I could report his act to the hostel manager. But I was embarrassed talking about his act, since the manager was a man. It would be more easier to talk if it was a woman. And it wasn’t like I was attacked and forced to do that, I had no evidence. Something happened between us but it was okay because I was able to protect myself. So I didn’t report. I began to avoid him when we were alone. And I know he knew it too.
he looked like he was a little ashamed after all.

Like I said some times already, I really shouldn’t have gone his room.
I will make sure that I never make the same mistake again.
Here I write my story as I learned my lesson.

Sometimes we get those situation in our life, and there’s some people unlucky and lucky.
I am sad that he looked at me that way he did. Like I would accept him.
But I was proud myself enough more than the sadness.
The thing we can do is just be strong. And be smarter that the people who beat you.


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