The Summer Joy in Roslagen

I spent whole summer in Sweden, Roslagen for the first time.
I haven’t been able to post a blog because I was super busy. I moved to Sweden in May, and I got a job in June.

Living in a country side.

Yes, I live in a country side of Sweden and I love it. The neighbors are nice people.
We may live in a country side but there’s so much going on this tiny village. There’s an apple juice mustari, and 2 galleries. One of them is textile artist gallery, and one of them is painting artist gallery.

I live in a nice place, but working here was not so easy.


Our pond.

I ended up helping Airbnb host.

The place I know has changed to a hostel. And the summer there is really busy because it’s the summer resort place for city people from Stockholm.
The Roslagen is all the east coastal areas. Some city people has summer house in this area, to enjoy the summer.

We have several small cottages and caravans. Owner of this place runs a caravan hostel and a restaurant.
This place is much bigger, we have live music event by local musicians in the summer( There’s entrance fee). We have music stage, and tables for the audience, and outdoor bar.

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So I worked my butt off with this place in this summer. I barely had a day-off in 2 month. Everyday we’ve got something to do.
There’s always people coming and going for the caravan hostel, most likely everyday. We open the restaurant from 5 PM. I had to clean some places everyday.


Caravans and cottages.

Now I know the feelings of managers of hostels.

But the high season is over now. And I’ve got time to sit down and relax. That’s why I am writing this post.

If you are interested in about this place, google Edeby Gästfrihet or facebook to search about this place.




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