I Moved to Sweden in May!

The situations.

I applied an application to moved to Sweden in 2015, summer. And I finally got the approval, in this year 2017 of March.
At the time I got my approval, I already planed my journey to go to South East Asia, already bought ticket to come back to Japan from South East Asia. So I decided to go on the journey.

And I was planning to go with backpack, so I couldn’t bring all the staff I have in my suitcase. So I left my suitcase at my friend’s place, and come back for that, then move to Sweden.

And I have already signed for the contract to finish my lease in end of March, so I had to move from my residence room anyway.


My tiny flat.

I had 1 week to stay in Tokyo since I got back from South East Asia.

Before I go to South East Asia trip, I purchased the ticket to go to Sweden. I needed to check the price before I go onto the journey, because the week I come back is close to the holiday week in Japan. You know, it’s called Golden Week.

So I checked the ticket price, and I hoped I could go to Sweden as soon as possible.
The ticket was super expensive than usual because of the holiday week in Japan. It was about 150000 yen. But after 4~5 days starting the holiday week, the price was down to about 60000 yen. After considering about it for 10 minutes, I purchased it.

So I come back to Japan in 24th of April, and fly to Sweden in 4th of May. I’m pretty sure the force was with me at the day though.
But the thing is I had no place to stay. I was expecting my friends to let me stay. Japanese honorably likes to respect the privacy. So When I put my status up on my facebook that I am looking for the place to stay for a week, then nobody offered me.
So I had to ask one of my close friend if it’s okay to stay her place.
She cared how small her place is over my situation, but good thing she let me.

We lived together for a week. It was her first time to share a place with someone.
I think she liked it from the first night. We sometime made some dinner together.
It was my first time to share a flat with someone close, it was fun for me too.

And the day before I fly to Sweden, my close friend and I wend to Asakusa and some other places. It was nice to see the cultural place.

I finally moved to Sweden.


The airline I flew with was the Qatar Airline. It’s one of my favorite airline to fly with. They have good care in the airplane, they are nice, their service is the best.
Too bad I didn’t take any picture at the Doha airport to transit.

So people who would read this post would know that I am going to post about Sweden.
Everything is new to me, so I am kinda excited to live in a new place.


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