My experience with low cost airline companies.

I used these 4 airline companies when I was traveling the South East Asia.

  • Jet Star (Australia)
  • Vietjet (Vietnam)
  • Air asia (Malaysia)
  • Jin Air (South Korea)

And these are my experience with these airline compaies. This is just my experience and opinion based on my experience, so you don’t have to agree with what I say.

Jet Star

I used Jet star to go to Taiwan from Japan. Most of passengers looked like Taiwanese or Chinese people, but the old lady who sat down next to me was nice. We didn’t have conversation, but she smiled at me.
The flight was about 2 hours, so we didn’t need any meal or drinks, I guess.
But when I was trying to put my backpack to the overhead compartment, the cabin attendant told me those shelves are occupied so we can’t use it. The 3 overhead compartment from the back were already occupied without any passenger there. Some people tried to put their baggage there, so they opened it. It didn’t looked like someone’s backpack nor souvenir. I thought it was good idea that I didn’t try to bring my big backpack to the cabin.
And there were 3 cabin atendant ladies, and one of them sounded really grumpy. She spoke English very fast and furious. I don’t really care if she was grumpy or not, but they weren’t even sorry for the occupied over compartment. She sounded pissed because she had to tell about the compartment to passengers so many times, but it wasn’t passanger’s fault. Because of it, I didn’t get good impressions about the cabin attendants.

I would use the Jet Star again since it’s major cheap airline company in Japan. 


I used the Vietjet to go to Ha Noi from Taipei, Da Nang from Ha Noi, Siem Reap from Da Nang. So I flew with them 4 flights.
We could use all the overhead compartment. The flight time was short so we didn’t really need anything.
As I heard, the cabin attendans were goond looking young guys or ladies.
Their service was okay, no complaints or compliment. But I would love to fly with them again. Although my boyfriend didn’t like the son that they play when they landed.

Since it’s okay rank for me, I would like to fly with them again. Since there’s not direct flight to Siem Reap from Japan, this airline is going to be my airline to go to Cambodia.

Air Asia

I flew with Air asia for the first time. And it wasn’t really good experience unfortunately.
My flight with Air asia was to go to Korea from Siem Reap. So I had transit in Kuala Lumpur. I didn’t purcahse the check-in baggage although I needed one. I cost more than I thought, but that’s my fault that I didn’t buy it when I booked the flight.
The first flight was okay. The cabin attendants were nice.
But the second flight was not really good. I thought I don’t need any meal or drinks as I didn’t before. But I suggest you to have meal if your flight is more than 4 hours. My flight from Kuala Lumpur for South Korea was 7 hours, and I didn’t get any drink nor the meal. I didn’t have the currency tha I could use in the airplane, so I couldn’t even get the drinks. I have no idea if I could use the Japanese Yen or US doller.
When it’s time to have the meal at the airplane, the cabin attendants requires you to show your boarding pass, so they can see which person they should provide the meal. If you have’t purchased the meal, they tell you that you don’t get the meal in front of other passengers.
When I arrived at the Incheon Airport in South Korea, my checked-in baggage didn’t come out from the baggage claim. I had to leave the airport without my luggage. The good thing is the staff at the Incheon Airport bould take care of the report. My luggage arrived at my hostel after almost 2 days. I’ve purchased the travel insurance on the Air Asia website when I booked the ticket, just in case something happened. I should have checked the coverage before I purchased the travel insurance though. According to the travel insurance by Air Asia, it doesn’t cover the delayed luggage. So you don’t get anything if you have the travel insurance.
I have no idea about the difference between Tune protect by Air Asia and travel insurance by Air Asia. I had so much trouble making the claim form because there were not much information about them. I asked about it on live chat and e-form. Live chat only says to go to their website, or they sat it needs to take 5 working days to proceed the claimant. And e-form needs to take 5 working days to proceed as well. But it’s been 10 days since I sent an email to them, and I haven’t got a reply yet.

Since it wasn’t good experience for me, I would rather try other airline. And I won’t use travel insurance with the airline company anymore. These were my lessons from the Air Asia.

Jin Air

I flew with Jin Air when I was going back to Japan from South Korea.
I really like them because of the way they minimize their budget. The cabin attendants were wearing jeans, uniform shirts and sneakers. Their uniforms awere green for female, black for male cabin attendant. I assumed the jeans and sneaker were their personal belonging. The cabin attendants were so nice and gentle.
Most of cheap airline, they use add-on service for meal, check in luggage and cabin service. Sometimes you have to pay for the drink when you are on airplane. But the Jin air was different. You don’t have to purchase the check-in luggage, they give you the free baggage allowlance and it’s 15 kg. You can get free meal, free drinks at the airplane.

For me, they were super nice and I would love to fly with them again.


Like I said in the beginning, this is just my experience. You would have happy time with airline which I had bad time. No one can promiss that you can have good times. So the experience you went through will be your base to choose the airline when you book a ticket next time. And no one can deny what you’ve been through, even ther airline company.
I don’t mean to offend anyone with my experience and the thoughts after flying with them. 


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