Being a wonderer in Taipei

I still don’t know why I got in Taipei. But the experience I had was amazing. I couldn’t take these lessons or experience if I were stil working in Tokyo.
I definitely think I grew up a little bit mentally.

©️Cheerful Glasses On Journey

I made mistake, but it’s okay.

On the day to go to Taipei, I was so nervous about everything. The things I have to do when I come back to Japan, about my baggage at the airport and things I have to do at the airport.

I was hoping to bring my backpack without checking-in baggage. But my backpack weight was 10kg, and my small backpack was 5kg. I had to purchase the add-on at the airport. Before I do that, I threw some clothes some creams and tiny hand back away. Well, it was wasting of my time. 

After I checked in, I exchanged money at the bank. The rate was better at the airport in Taipei.

When I got in Taipei, I took the bus to go to my hostel. I checked how to get in the bus before, so I could easily buy a ticket for the bus. Then I didn’t know how to get off from the bus. I assumed  the bus is gonna stop at the every stop. Then I missed the bus stop. I got off at the next bus stop, and then I lost the track that the bus went. Then I had no idea where to go. After struggling 10 minutes, I finally asked someone to go to the right direction. Then I could found the spot on the map, and I got to the hostel finally.

Making new friends.

I went out for dinner with the other people. They were so nice. The one of the purpose for this travel was making new friends. So I am saticified that I got some friends.

I played mahjong with other people at hostel. I didn’t even know about the rules. But the host invited med to the game and so he could teach me. I didn’t win at all, but it was really fun.

I made a friend in Shang Xian. One of guy from hostel told me it’s the best place to take picture in Taipei for night illuminations, so I decided to go by myself.
I hiked the mountain, walking up the stone stairs, and found the spot to take photos. I was waiting for the night view for about 3 hours. People stood close but no one talked to me.
And when it started getting darker, the girl standing next to me started talk to me. She asked me whether I’m a Taiwanese or not. I told her that I am from Japan. And the conversation started.
We talked a lot, about how I ended up here alone, where I’m going, how she ended up here, what she does, what I do.
It was really good time to kill some time because we were waiting for the night view. And we got it.

©️Cheerful Glasses On Journey

We had dinner together after we were done with taking photos. So we went to Taipei 101 by walking from Shang Xian.
I was so happy that I made a friend there.

Taiwanese people are so nice.

And I saw my old friend, we used to work together. And he was so nice as he was before.
We met up in Taipei and he took me other place. I didn’t really expecting to go out at night. We came to the building that he park his car. And we went out with his car to go to Yang Ming Sang. I had no idea where he was going to, so I was a little bit worried.
I found out that thre is national park in Yang Ming Sang after going there. But the place we went was famous for dating spot and night view. It wasn’t a date because we both have partner to be together. He wanted to show me this place because of his hospitality, I guess.

©️Cheerful Glasses On Journey

©️Cheerful Glasses On Journey

We also went to Tamsui together to see the sun set, but before that we went to Shing Beitou to see hot spring.
He told me this hot spring is not for bath. This is the headspring so it’s too warm to take a bath, he said. Actually there is some place to take bath, like a public bath. We didn’t try that though.

©️Cheerful Glasses On Journey

After the hot spring, we headed to Tamsui. It was getting darker but we decided to go by our own feet.
But it was a mistake, somehow he misread the map. I was okay to go for a walk, but his legs and feet were not stranger as much as mine.

©️Cheerful Glasses On Journey

This was the best shot that I took. I took this phot on our way to the bridge. By the time we go there, the sun was almost set. And it was a little bit cloudy.

When I was on my way to airport by bus, I took wrong bus. I found out about that by asking the lady front of my seat.
She even helped me to get off the bus, and to change the other bus. She took me to the stop, and waited for the bus with me. So we had time to chat, so we had nice time there.
And I look back about it now, I thank her that she brew my mind. I’d like to help foreigners if they are in trouble.

I loved walking around the local neighbourhood.

©️Cheerful Glasses On Journey

I walked around the neighbourhood, and I liked the streets or building there. It’s hard to explain, but there were old buildings and modern buildings mixed up together. Sometimes I saw very old buildings in a modern town. And I like the gap.

©️Cheerful Glasses On Journey

And I see the trees and greens everywhere. I lived in Tokyo but I grew up in country side with field and woods. This isn’t my home but I felt like this is close image with my hometown and that made me feel better.

I really liked Taiwan, and I hope to visit again.


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