I traveled Cambodia and here’s why you should visit there.

The reasons you should visit Cambodia

This was my first time to visit Cambodia. The countries I’ve traveled this time, I liked Cambodia most. I could even say I fell in love with this country. It was only 4 days to spend in Siem Reap this time. But I’m hoping to come back, and esplore more about this country.

People are so nice

The reason I really liked was the kindness of the people. Sometimes people get grumpy though, most of people are kind, nice and gentle. I liked any cafe in Canbodia, or the restaurants because of the politness of the the staffs at the cafe and restaurant. They make the place you want to tip them.

Khmer New Year

We’ve experienced Khmer new year too. Everyone looked happy, and enjoying it. And the good thing is they influence the other strangers too.
They use water guns, waterballoons, water hose. I was shot by water guns several times on my way to the hostel. And I found myself amused. It was REALLY fun!!

Good food

I thought they eat spicy food like thailand or China. But it wasn’t true. I loved Khmer food.

I don’t really eat spicy food. And I was a little bit worried about South East Asian food. But I found myself enjoying the food. And I’ve tried crocodile meat for the first time here in Cambodia. It was not bad 😉

There were so many nice cafe in Cambodia

I found a lot of cafe in Cambodia. And they looked nice. Some of them are unique.
I found my favorite cafe in Sieam Reap. And it’s Called Temple! They are opening cafe at daytime, and club at night time. The ilumination was so beutiful, although I didn’t go for the club.

Cambodian people are good at English

I traveled Taiwan and Vietnam before Cambodia. And they were not really good at English. It was hard to communicate without local friends at restaurant.
Cambodian people can speak English, good enough to communicate. And most of staffs are good at speaking Englisha at cafe or restaurant.

My thoughts

I was spending busy time in Japan, and I needed some slow life time at this point. And I think Cambodia is a really good place to do that. It may be too warm, but it’s okay to be tired by the heat and take a nap.
I felt like they know the way to feel happy without money or wealth. And I think that was what I needed and maybe that’s why I really liked them and their counry.

You have to pay about 30 US doller for 30 days touriest visa. And next time I come here, I would like to stay longer than this time.


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