Things you should bring for the travel to South East Asia.

I and my boyfriend stayed at cheap hostel, and here’s the items I thought I should have brought.
Some of them are optional. You can choose what you wanna bring.


I didn’t bring my shampoo for this travel, and I thought I should have. Because the hostel I stayed didn’t have it. So I washed my hair with only water. There were Amenity soap at the hostel, but it’s not for hair. My hair went harder because I couldn’t wash it with some shampoo.
Maybe the shampoo is on your skip list, but it was hard to find a super market or a convenience store. So I think you should bring them from home. If you could find container, or tiny travel kit.


While I was traveling, I had stomachache sometimes, or wasn’t in good stomach situation. So I brought some suppliment to make them better. And because of the heat, I sometime had headache. Also I brought some painkiller too. It was good to have them.
And I had medicine for common cold. I didn’t catch a cold at all while I was traveling though. But my born roommate caught a cold and I gave them. Maybe I could have caught a cold because of the difference of tempature. It’s good if you have the medicine you’ve tried than the medicine from oversea.

Hat or a sun umbrella

They have strong sun rays. And my hair is black, it goes so hot if I don’t wear a hat. I brought  mine from Japan, but I lost it in Hanoi. I think I forgot it at the hostel though. I had to buy new one somewhere.
The reason people use umbrella for the sun,  you feel colder than hat. It’s as same as you are in a shadow from tree. If it’s for raining and sunny, it could be more handy.

Your offline hobby(optional)

If you have much time to spend, but no wifi, you have to go with old-fashion way. We had long layover time at the airport. But sometimes you want to save your phone’s battery. I saw a couple were playing a card deck at the cafe, I think it’s brilliant. It doesn’t have to be a card deck though, some thing you can kill some time with, like one of your hobby. I brought a book from Japan, and it was good idea although it makes your baggage heavier thoguh.

Perfume or deodrant

Useally I don’t wear perfume. But sometimes you need them when you can’t take a shower. The transit of flight sometimes takes  long time. Or if you go to warm country, you could sweat a lot. I brought my perfume from Japan with small cotainer , it won’t add much weight for my baggage.

Mosquito protection

We have mosquito products in Japan, so I brought them from Japan. The spray one is for the prevention spray from mosquito bites, the ointment is for the itchness by mosquito bites. I get bitten by mosquito often, and I don’t like the marks or scars by scratching them. Also you can use bandage for mosquito bite to not scratch them. But these are just products. You might get bitten by mosquito even if you use them sometimes. And you should really be careful those mosquitos, because the mosquitos are the carrier of disease.

I hope you find this post useful! Have a grate trip!!


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