The food I had while I was in Taipei 

I wanted to talk about about especially the food I had in Taipei.
So here it is.

Xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung

Din tai fung is located in Taipei 101 at the 1st floor, just by the entrance. I didn’t know about them before I visit Taiwan. And it was so populor, you have to wait for most likely about mm1 hour. As you can see in the photo, there was a red electronic sign, it shows you the waiting time to get to a table.

Xiao long bao is famous food in Taiwan or China, since it’s a dumplings. They have soup inside the dumplings, and it is delicious. The soup comes from the meat inside. I’m just assuming the meat is pork.

We had the round table, as its traditional way and I was kinda excited for that. They have the instruction, how to eat the Xiao long bao at the table. We had fried rice, 10 piece of Xiao lng bao, vegitable soup and shrimp dumplings. We kinda over ordered, we were so full when we were done.

Pork bacons

On third day of my stay, I went out with the people with the people from the hostel. The host took us the tasty Taiwanese restaurant which is not fancy, more like food stand.

The pork was sautéd with soy sauce for a while until it’s started fall apart. There were some Japanese on menu, and I didn’t how we have to order, so the host took care of it. Here’s the menu.

It was so tasty, even the cabbage. I have no idea the restaurant name though.
Here’s the restaurant picture.

Beef noodle (牛肉麺)

It’s noodle with beef, and it’s so simple. My friend took me this place although he doesn’t eat beef. Beef noodle is populor dish in Taipei, so you can find it evrywhere.
I had this beef noodle, and I really liked the soup. I prefere thick noodle, but beef noodle are with thin noodles mostly.
This place that my friend took me was populor place, it looked like. The restaurant was cleaner than stand. You write down the ordering paper yourself. But it didn’t have the picture, so we googled the picture before we go.

The food stands

There were so many food stands everywhere in Taipei. There is a place called Taipei expo near by the station. And there was holiday weekend while I was in Taiwan. So a lot of food stands showed up by the station in the weekend. I bought some food there, and it was good enough for me.
I was a little bit worried about getting food poisonings, but now I think I should have tried more without worrying.

The juice stand(shop)

My favorite so far was the juice stand. This place was more local, and cheap. Every juice stand the tourist would go has higher price. And I didn’t want it. This juice or tea shop are everywhere near by MRT station, and mostly they cost 40 or 50 Taiwanese dollar. They are seriously cheaper than tourist place.

My favorite was oolong milk tea with sago. I really love those chewie things.

Diner, drinking place

Myfriend took me to a diner, to have dinner. It was like izakaya in Japan.

The taste was similar with Japanese food, but with Taiwanese vegetables. The green vegetables in Taiwan is so nice. I loved it.
How you order was same as beef noodle restaurant. You write down the order sheet yourself. They had other menu for foreigners, and it has pictures on it.
You might need local friend to go to a local food restaurant.

Fruit shop, and fruit in Taiwan

There’s so many tropical fruits in Taiwan, and same fruits in Japan.
One of the fruit I was reccomemded to eat was wax apple.

It tastes like a pear. You can find them in South east Asia too, it looks like. Other than that, everything’s are good. Watermelons, apples, pineapples.
I was a bit cofused to buy some fruit at markets about how to buy them. So I asked the host about it. If you see something like 斤, that means they are going scale the weight, and price them for the weight.

Next time I go to Taiwan, I wanna try something new. But this was my first time in Taipei. So I think I did good enough.


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