Hostel review: Smile Taipei

I stayed the hostel called smile Taipei while I was staying in Taipei, 2017.
Here’s what I thought.

I found this hostel on hostel world, and looked up the review, price, and facilities. And I decided to stay here.

First of all, I was surprised when I booked on hostel world. I got an email from the manager and it was Japanese! I didn’t expect it. And there was a map to get to the hostel, I really appreciated it since it’s my first time coming to Taiwan.

The hostel was so clean, cleaner the shared house I’ve ever lived.

The people who lives here looked nice, although I couldn’t be friended with everyone. Mostly they are from China.
I look like one of them, but I don’t understand what they say. It was really good that the manager could speak Japanese. And he’s so friendly.

The manager gives you a map which is about the neighbourhood.
I liked this hostel because of their location. Since it’s cheap to travel with the train, you could go to anywhere. The station from this hostel is just 5 minutes away, there’s some museum and Taipei expo area. There’s small night market near by. There are some temples and it’s only 3 minutes away from the hostel.
If you take train, you don’t have to transfer the train to go to Taipei main station or Taipei 101. 

I would love to stay here if I stay Taipei. 👍


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