Hostel review: Yumebito house

I stayed a hostel while I was in Ise. It’s called Yumebito house, located 10 minutes away from the Ise city station(伊勢市駅).

It looks like a little bit darker and sadder if you compared it to the other hostel in the world.

Their place is located in a shpping street, but these shops are closed mostly. And maybe thats’s why it looks sadder.
The staffs were nice, the facilities looks a little bit older but it doesn’t matter if you stay shortly. The room and place was clean.

I stayed the Yumebito house 1, but there’s the House 2.
First floor is a living room with kitchen. There are a female dormitory room, a male dormitory room, and 2 bathrooms. At the third floor, there’s blliyard, soccer table, ping pong. But it looks like for the children, not for adult.


  • They have a cat.
  • They throw dinner party at evening everyday. The cost is 500 – 1000 yen.
  • The people are mostly friendly
  • They have games on 3rd floor. Blliyard, soccer table, ping pong.


  • The number of bathroom is not really enough for all the people.
  • The living is kinda small for all the people.
  • The couch or sofas are not really comfortable.

I decide to stay this hostel because they have a cat, and there’s no hostel near by Kumano(熊野).
But the people who sty there are mosly friendly. You don’t have to be nervous about it if you attend the dinner party.

There are some foreigners in the hostel, they don’t really speak Japanese. But most of people would try to talk to you to speak English.

I had a good time there, and I’m hoping they could be the source to bring the shopping street alive. I should have taken more pictures to show you, I hope I don’t do same mistake next time.


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