Kumanokodo, Hiking the Mountain

On the second day of our trip, we went to a little bit more to West, to go to Kumanokodo.
Kumanokodo is a hiking route, the path is made of stones. I underestimated this one although this is the easy one to hike.

Going to the Kumanokodo.

We didn’t planned much before we got there. So we researched about the Kumanokodo, and Magose Tōge is the nearest one we could go. Also, it is the easy one.
We found a course route to hike there on internet, the course detaile was like this: Go to Aiga station, walk to the Miyama, hike the Magose Tōge, if you across the mountain you’ll be around Owase station which is next to Aiga. Get a train at the Owase and go back to your accommodation.
We followed the instructions.

We were staying in Ise for 2 nights, we had to come back for the night. We left the hostel for Magose Tōge at around 9 AM.
It took 2 hours and 10 minutes to get to the Aiga(相賀) station, and we walked to the Miyama(海山) station.

There were a parking area with information center, a restaurant, a suvenir shop.
We had lunch there before we start hiking.
My friend, she is a huge fan of baseball. And the spring baseball tournamentship for high school students was on TV. We had a little chat about the game. 

We left the restaurant for Magose Tōge, and started walking.
It appeared suddenly by the road.

Hike the mountain.

We were kinda excited, but that feeling will washed away soon. 

We started to hike, it was fun for a moment. But the passage was getting harder and harder. At the same time we were stunned by the stone passage.
How did they make it? Did they carry all the stones from somewhere else? I had so many questions.

We were talking when we started, but we weren’t talking anymore when we finally found the first spot, the Yonakijizō.
The passage was breath taking away as it is literally breath taking away.
We didn’t even notice the second spot. Although we took some pictures there.

We talked if we wanna go to the top of mountain, and there’s a temple there.
We weren’t sure if we could or not due to the time table of the train. We had to catch the train, at least around 17ish PM to get back to Ise, and it’s arriving at around 20~21 PM.
We decided to not to go to the temple this time.

When we reached the half way of th hiking route, an old guy appeared from the back. He asked, where we are from, whether we went to the top of mountain.
We talked to him about us, we gave up going to the top of mountain. Then he told us, “It’s a shame if we didn’t see better places, I’m going to show you around.”

He told us that there was a small restaurant in the mountain, but it’s gone and he’s the descendent of the restaurant. He hikes the mountain everyday, it doesn’t matter sunny or rainy. He’s doing it to find people in trouble. He doesn’t charge about those actions, in fact he hates the people who do that in the mountain. And he loves if the people get in touch with him.
He showed us a tiny house to rest, a fall with a gate and a giant rock.
And he told us how to get to the Owase station from the Owase shrine before going home.
His name is Mr. Seko. You might see him if you hike this mountain. 

We came to Owase shrine, and we looked around. It’s not really a big shrine, but the people who lies there was popular people. It was the Susanoo, and princess Kushinada which comes from the old Japanese myth.

We went to Owase station but we had some time until the train comes. So we went to super market near by, had some ice cream there. 

On our way to Ise, I slept in the train for 1 hour. And it felt so good after the hiking.
If you plan to come to the Magose Tōge, I recommend to bring a trekking shoes. Don’t bring your winter jacket. You should bring your trekking stuff, like lighter jackets, comfortable clothes.

There are so much place that I wanna visit, And this one was one of them.
And I am so glad I came to Kumanokodo before leaving Japan.


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