Visiting Ise shrine for the second time.

When I was planning my South east Asia trip, I couldn’t find better flight ticket.
Every tickets from Tokyo was expensive. So I peaked the flight tickets from Kansai International Airport.
Then I found out the LCC flight tickets is cheaper than Tokyo. Or maybe cheaper tickets are sold out soon in Tokyo.
So I decide to go to the West, do some sight seeing, and then go to the Kansai International Airport. And I had a place that I wanna go. The Kumanokodo(熊野古道).
So I planned to go to Mie prefecture once more.

The Geku, Toyouke Daijingu

I arrived at Ise city station at 8:55 in the morning. It was the night bus I used to come to Mie.
I didn’t really like to use night bus because I couldn’t really sleep.
I couldn’t sleep this time too, but I was really tired. I had a busy day before. So I fell asleep around 5 AM.

So I met up with my friend at the Ise city station. My friend moved to Nagoya quite recently, so we came Mie on our own. We put our baggage to the coin locker at the station.
But I remembered I didn’t put my wallet to my backpack right after we start walking. I had some cash in my money bag so it was kinda okay for me.
We were kinda hungry, but the most of restaurants and cafes are closed. We managed to find a cafe on our way to shrine.
It was a cute cafe. We had breakfast there. While we were eating, I found out something more that I forgot to bring. The battery of my camera. I keep my battery out if indont use it. I somehow this time, I thought it’s already in my camera.
So we went back to the station, and got my wallet and battery. I wasn’t really thinking again.

After my mistake, we pressed onto our quest. To the shrine. 

I didn’t come to the Toyouke Daijingu last time I remembered. So it was really fun for me to see the place I didn’t go. And I didn’t even care what kind of god they are praying. But this time I did.
I won’t be explaining that here. Please research it yourself if you want to know.

The Naiku, Kou Daijingu

After we were done seeing the Geku, we went to the Naiku. It looks like these shrines are pair to see. I didn’t know that too. I finally understand which god lies there.

The food street

There is a food street before the Naiku, we had some snack there. Of course there is some restaurants, if you wan to be full.

Sarutahko shrin

Between the Naiku and Gaiku, there were a few shrine. And we visited one of them, Sarutahiko shrine. And we found the stone which is our national song in it.


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