How to Plan Your Travel

So I decided to go on a trip this year.
I am really bad at planning, so this was a challenge for me.

Here’s how I planed to travel and the things I was careful about. I hope you can find it useful.

Start planning your travel 1 month earlier.

If you book your flight or train tickets right before your travel, it could be expensive.

Once I visited Germany for reuniting with my ex roommate. This trip was the first time for me to travel on my own.
I just bought flight tickets to Germany, and did nothing because my friends had plan. It was my bad that I didn’t ask about those plans at all.
I wasn’t really sure how to get to my friend’s place from airport, I somehow managed to find my way. After meeting up with my friends, we went to Berlin. On our way to Berlin, I came up with going to Austria.
I didn’t know how long we stay in Berlin when I bought the flight tickets. But I found out our little Trip is too short for my schedule. My Japanese ex roommate go to France to see her family, other roommate was going to heading back to Holland after Berlin.
So I asked my Austrian friend if he could let me stay his place. I had no idea how to get there though, I thought my my friends could help me. I asked my friends about how she booked the train ticket. And I tried to book tickets, but it went so wrong. I purchased the ticket so wrong that I can’t even get in. And it was non-refundable. I talked to my friends about that, then they got me other ticket.

To avoid wasting your money and time, you should really think about your plan. You might have someone who has plans, then you should ask about that with them.

If you plan one month earlier, you might get discounted tickets.

Set the date to leave your country.

The thing you should do first is set the date to leave. For me, I had a date to leave my apartment due to the cancellation of my lease contract.
Normally you would pick the date which is convenient for you. Or you bought the flight tickets because it was a good deal.

List up the to-dos.

Once you set the date, you can make lists. List up what you need for your travel, what you have to do before your departure.

Mine was like …

  • Sell/recycle a broken laptop
  • Sell books
  • Get rid of the clothes I don’t need
  • Give away the stuff you don’t use
  • Buy flight tickets
  • Find accommodation

Set the date to do the to-do list.

Once you got the to-do list, now you have to find the date to do them.
You could find accommodation or buy flight tickets when you were home, but you also need some time if you need to get rid of your stuffs.
To do that, I think you are going to need a schedule diary. Here’s mine.


The thing I was careful about

I have read some posts of Japanese blogs. And they were talking about the boarding rejection at the airport. If you don’t have the ticket to other place or your return ticket, you might get rejected when you are boarding.
I planed this trip with one way tickets. So I bought all the tickets when I was in Japan. So I think I should be okay. 

I thought 3~4days would be enough to see around the city. If it’s not, you can come back anytime. Next time you will be planning better, because you know better than before.
You don’t have to see everything in one time, I think. Most of people got the time. Only problem is you, trying to get the time to travel or not.


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