4 places that I want to Visit in Japan

This is a list of the places I want to visit.
I live in Tokyo, so it’s not really easy to visit.
I’ve been to Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, hakone, takaosan, Itsukushima shrine, kyoto, and Osaka.
But these place is a little bit about Japanese classic culture like Kyoto.
I hope one of them could make it to your list too.

1. Izumo shrine


photo by google

Izumo shrine is the one of famous shrine in Japan. People said there are 800 million gods, the religion is the Shinto. And those 800 million gods will attend a conference of gods in a specific year. I guess the Yubaba from Spirited Away told you that her business which is running the public bath place, is for 800 million gods.
And it is know for bringing marriage fortune. But I am not really interested in that though.

Picture from here.

2. Motonosumi-Inari shrine


photo by google

I just fell in love this view. And I searched about this place and it is located in Yamabuchi prefecture. So many shrine gate is connected and it’s going to the cliff.
I just want to see this place with my own eyes.

Picture from here.



photo by google

Yakusima. It is the one of island in the south in Japan. And there are a place which is the inspiration behind the Princess Mononoke from Studio Ghibli movies.
I really like the mossed woods. And it looks so beautiful. Recently one of my friend visited this place and it made me want to go there more.I wanna visit this place one day.

Picture from here.

4.The Blue pond


photo by google

This beautiful pond is located in Shirakami-sanchi, Aomori prefecture. The aomori prefecture is one of north prefecture, next to Hokkaido.
Shirakami-sanchi is the mountain side in Aomori and it has trekking route. I don’t think you have to be fully prepared for the trekking route in summer though.

Pictures from here.


I might have more places I want to go later. But at least these 4 places is listed on my top 5.
Currently I am living in a city side, so I guess I want to go to the country side to soothe my nerves.



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