Tokyo Game Show 2011 – 2016

If you are a big fan of games, you should consider coming to Tokyo Game Show.
Tokyo Game Show is the biggest gaming convention in Japan.

Information about Tokyo Game Show

There’s always a website each year, so you could google about them mostly. The place is always same. The Makuhari Messe is the venue for Tokyo Game Show. It’s always opened in September. Most likely 3rd week or 4th week of September.

Tokyo Game Show for the first time.

I haven’t come when I was young, I wasn’t really sure why. Maybe I didn’t like crowded places.
I’ve been there these years. My first time in Tokyo Game Show was 2010.
I just got into a shared house at that time, made some friends. And the some of them were game fan too, so we decided to go there together.

One of my share mate found her friends at the hall. And we had a lunch together.
Her friend and she were the classmate when they were studying English in Australia. She didn’t even know he’s coming, or where he is at the moment. It sounded like a miracle.

The 2nd time in Tokyo Game Show

The 2nd time I’ve there was in 2011. I went to Tokyo Game Show with my other share mates, he works at a design company and had 1 ticket left. So I decided to come along with him. And it was business day, there weren’t much people compared to the public day.

The 3rd time in Tokyo Game Show

I was in Tokyo Game Show 2014 for work at this time.
My share mate who went to the Tokyo Game Show 2011, he told me that his friend is looking for some assistants at Tokyo Game Show. The work is just to introduce his game to Japanese people, because he can’t speak Japanese. The man who was looking for assistants was a British guy.
 I decided to help give a shot.

I bought my Nikon camera in June, 2014. So you can see the change a lot in these pictures.
And working as an assistant was good experience for me.

The 4th time in Tokyo Game Show

I went to Tokyo Game Show in 2015. The guy I met in Tokyo game Show 2014 was inviting me to come, and have a little chat. I didn’t take much picture for this time, I guess. Because I found non of photo.

The reason he invited me over, was kinda headhunting thing.
He needed someone in Japan to open his game company in Japan. I had some weird situation at the moment, so I told him I’m not really sure I can do it. I had possibility that I thought I was going to Sweden in any months and live there for a while. It turns out, I’m stil here in Japan, and I lost the opportunity.

The 5th time in Tokyo Game Show

The 5th time for me in Tokyo Game Show was 2016. The British guy from 2014 was about to make new chapter for the game, so he came to Tokyo Game Show for Advertisement.

He contacted me during the summer, but I wasn’t really using that email address often anymore, so it took me some months to open the email. At the time I contacted him, he was stil looking for someone who can help him. So I signed up for that.

Some times I can get to the big hall where the famous game company’s booth are.


The big hall is always full of people, you have to wait for minimum 30 minutes, maximum hours at the day time. If you are lucky, you get to play the games with 15 minutes waiting time.
You should come at morning if you wanna play more games.
The business days are less people, the public days are full of people.
People tend to care about indie games lately. Maybe because of the waiting time in the big hall.
It looks like Nintendo is throwing their convention on their own, that I heard. So you don’t find Nintendo games at the Tokyo Game Show often.

The VR was quite popular in the 2016, even in the indie game area. Personally I don’t like VR. I saw a lot of people falling, and it’s dangerous. You may feel like it’s cool because you get to play  the character with your moves, but you can’t see a thing that you currently are. And I wear glasses that’s why I don’t like to wear the VR glasses.

*I carefully chose the photos, to not show any specific features. If you have problem with these photo, please send a message. I will pull the one out from the gallery.

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