Visiting My Friend in Mie Prefecture.

I went to Ise, Mie pregecture back in 2011.
Because one of my friend was living there. We spent times when we were high school student, joined basketball team together.
She moved to Mie, because of her job. She was a manager at a clothing shop at the time.

Day 1. The Night Bus And the Ise Shrine

On the humid and warm day, I went to Tokyo station to catch the night bus.
I booked the ticket a few days ago and got the email from them, but I didn’t know where exactly where the bus would stop for the passengers. I wondered around the found bunch of people. They look exactly like the people who is going home or they came from far away because they carried suitcases.
I decided to wait there, then the bus came. But the bus was not the one I was going to ge, so I had to ask around.

I finally caught up the bus, and got the seat. I was in the back seat. I was kinda worried that I might get car sick, but I didn’t.
Although I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t bring the eyemask and earplug, it was too much noise for me to sleep. I had a hand towel and earphones, so I tried to sleep with them. I covered up my face with the towel, and I listen the music with the earphone quietly.
Stil I couldn’t sleep but it looked like everyone has fallen asleep. I was in half slumber, half awake. I could feel someone is moving around me.
And people started to get off from the bus. I got off at the last stop.
As soon as I got off from the bus, I felt so much humidity and warm air. It was too much for me because I was too tired. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went inside in a building. It wasn’t that comfortable temperature, but it was better than outside.

I waited my friend around there, because my friend was supposed to come pick me up with her car.
She was kinda late, but as I said, I was so tired. We talked and decided to go to Ise shrine.
And I fell asleep in the car.

When I woke up, we were almost there. I remember I started to take pictures.
It was perfect day for sight seeing. Although it was too warm, too sunny.

The view was amazing. Everything looked old.
This street was the path to the Ise shrine.

We entered the shrine, and it was so big. I really love shrines because they have old woods inside.

After we went to the shrine, we decided to have some snack.

We tried Kakigoori, some fried stuff, and salted cucumber.

Akafuku is the popular rice cake sweet in Mie, she said. It sure was good.
But I don’t recommend it for the people who doesn’t like sweet beans paste.

We went to see a movie in a movie theater after that.
We watched a movie, and we went her home. I was so tired, I crushed in her couch. I slept better than the bus.
It was a bloody good day.

Day 2. Osaka

My friend had work, so I decided to go to Osaka on my own. It wasn’t that far.
I went to museum, science museum.

I went out because my friend had late shift, so I couldn’t see much, but it was a fine day.

Day 3. Nagoya

I went to Nagoya on my 3rd day. I just know there is Nagoya castle. So I went there on my own. It wasn’t sunny, but it was good temperature. It rained sometimes though.

I found the Shachihoko on the ground. They were supposed to be on the roof of the Castle.
But they were fixing the part of the castle, that’s why they were on the ground.
This shachihoko is not the original one they said. It’s the fourth Shachihoko, the original one was burned and melted during the war.

I haven’t seen that type of castle before. It was standing still, yet strong.
I really loved the Japanese castle.

After that, I even went to the Atsuta shrine.
It was quiet, I felt it secret.

I went back to the Tsu, where my friend lives after the sun set.
It was a better day than yesterday.

Day 4. To the Kyoto!

On my 4th day staying there, my friend had day-off, so we went to Kyoto!
I haven’t been Kyoto since I was 15 y/o. I was super excited. Because I had a company! 😀


First we went to Arashiyama. Arashiyama is the popular for sight seeing place.
We didn’t have any boyfriend at that time, so we went to the shrine called Nonomiya shrine. People believe that it brings the love fortune, like boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.

Around the Nonomiya shrine, there are the famous bamboo street.
Unfortunately the picture was blurred, so there’s no bamboo street picture!

We walked around there, and there are so many temples and shrines.
It was too sunny, too warm day again. I felt skin hurts when you are walking so long in the sunshine. If you are traveling in summer, I recommend you to bring a hat, and sun screen.

We went back to Arashiyama, to move to other place. That was where my friend parked her car.
And we went to Nijo-joh. It was different kind of castle with the Nagoya Castle, but it looked fine too.
I am sure that the people had plenty space to build a house some hundreds years ago.

I stil think it was a bloody good day for me.


She dropped me off where I was supposed catch a night bus. And I went home, to Tokyo.

I haven’t contacted her these years because my friend got mental sickness, and she is unstable she says. I hope she’s doing okay. And I wish we could had a trip together again.


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