To Be a Good Planner for Traveling

I have been bad at planning.
I know why. It’s obvious that I get bothered to think about what I’m going to do. Because I have to do some researches. I know there’s something you should know at least before you go like visa. I just think I could research the informations from the locals.
Since I made my decision that I’m going to travel this year, not sure about it’s gonna be long or short though, I needed to plan my schedule.

Make the List You Have to Do

To be a good planner, I just started making some lists.
Like, the things I have to buy, the places I wanna visit, the things I have to do before I leave.

The things I have to buy

  • 40~50L backpack
  • The insurance
  • Preventive injection (For travelling Asia, South Africa or South America)
  • padlocks
  • S shaped hooks
  • An eye mask
  • Carabiners
  • Converter plugs

First I researched about what I should bring for travelling on internet. Then these are things I should go buy. The other thing I should get are mostly the thing I already had, so I decided to not buy the other stuff.

The places I wanna visit

This one, I have kinda problem. I know where I wanna go, like country, but not specific places. So I just list them up and do some research more later.

  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Cambodia
  • Sri Lanka

I have friends in Korea and Taiwan, so I’m hoping they can show me around sometimes.
But I should find some place that I can go alone. Maybe buying the guide books at second hand book shop is good too.

The things I should do before I leave

This is not about getting something for travel. This is about how you leave your place and get rid of your things I don’t bring for travelling.

  • Sell the clothes I don’t need
  • Sell home electric appliances
  • Throw away the things I couldn’t sell
  • Give away some useful stuff

I still have some stuff I can’t get rid of, like stationary computer. I might rent a deposit room though 😦

To make lists

I used the buid-in notepad application from my iPad.
It’s been really useful since the ios 9.0.


You can make check lists, or any other lists, you can draw with your hands, you can share them with your friends.

This is how I did to be a good organized planner, because I’m bad at it. I know there could be troubles or accidents during the travel. That’s part travelling so you shouldn’t really care about too much organizing.


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