Housing Information in Tokyo

I’ve lived in 3 kinds of shared house, and have lived in the apartment which is owned by lease company for foreigner.
And I’m going to share the information about them.

Japanese housing system has kinda unique, I think.
If you want to borrow a room, you have to pay deposit called shikikin(敷金), sometimes you have to pay the gratuity fee called reikin(礼金). And you pay  the rent also. And if you want to renew the lease agreement, you have to pay renewal fee for 1 or 2 months rent.

So basically Japanese pay ridiculous amount of money to move into an apartment.
There’s some apartment that you don’t have to pay deposit or the gratuity fee. But you are going pay the cleaning fee in the end when you are moving out.

The reason I moved into shared houses

I was a student when I had to move. And I didn’t have money to buy furniture, couldn’t bother my mother for money, So I decided to move into a shared house.

This is kinda common sense. But what I did was not really a common sense for Japanese.
They don’t like sharing room, they respect their privacy.
But I have’t regret what I done. I made some friends, had a good experience.

I still live in a shared house, although I have moved several places due to the relationship with my boyfriend. And I still don’t own my room.
It’s kinda difficult if you started living in something and leave from there. You have to break all the cycle that you are doing.

I am going to break it soon I think.

Share House Information

  1. Borderless house
    recommended: ★★★★★This is the place I’ve moved in for the first. It was a really good experience.
    There are Japanese and foreigners living together.
    Foreigners are mostly on working holiday. Sometimes they’re here for business or study.
    The number of people at the house is just good for communicating with all of the residents.You can get to know them eventually.
    I recommend this share house if you are staying more than 1 month in Japan. Because their minimum contract validity period is one month.1933613_181620588546944_5903561_o
  2. Oakhouse
    recommended: ★★★★
    I stayed at dormitory room for about 9 months. The room was okay, but I had so much stuff. It was too small to put them in my space 😀
    The house was kinda big, there were more that 20 people in the house I’ve lived. So there’s someone you don’t talk always. Most of people are friendly and nice people, you could make friends.
    You have to pay about 200 yen to use washing machine and drying machine, that was my problem. Sometimes you don’t have 100 coin at all when you wanna wash your clothes.
    You should go see the house before move in. I recommend this company if you are on a budget.

Those are the house I have lived before. There are shared housing company more that I don’t know of.

The lease company for foreigner in Tokyo

recommended: ★★★

This company has rooms for foreigners. They have English speakers to guide you, and make the contract

When I had to borrow a room for me and my boyfriend in Tokyo, there was a problem.
My boyfriend isn’t a Japanese, and to borrow a room from a land agent in Japan, the lessee has to be able to speak Japanese to understand the contract and to follow the rules.
I didn’t know that, so I asked my foreigner friend where he is getting his place.
I thought their rent is more expensive than normal rent. But if you need to get a place to settle for a while, you don’t have a choice, I took the place from them.
The system is almost same as Japanese lease company.

Hostels in Tokyo

I made some backpacker friends last year, they stayed in a hostel in Tokyo. Before they left for another destination, I visited their hostel.

  1. Anne Hostel Yokozuna
    They were staying this hostel. The location of the hostel is just perfect for traveler, I guess. It was super close from the station, you wouldn’t be lost.
  2. Oakhostel
    The Oakhouse, as I mentioned them earlier, also have some hostels. It’s called Oakhostel, I didn’t know about that until I research for my post.
    As I can see, the price is cheaper than other hostels. I’m not really sure about their service though.


If you are looking for housing information, I hope this could be helpful for some people❢
I didn’t mention about the company that you shouldn’t get a place from, but I have one company that I really don’t recommend. If you wanna know about them, just contact me!



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