Cozy Place to Visit in Tokyo

Tokyo is a busy, still neat, yet confused city in the world.
There are traditional place, modern place, old residence and modern residence. It was influenced from developing modern society, but remaining traditional styles.

I’ve found some good place to visit. I wanna tell you about that place!
Since my workplace is around Ikebukuro, some of them are from Ikebkuro again.

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1. Supar Potato

Location: Akihabara, Ikebukuro

Supar potato is a second hand retro game shop. You will find the console games like super family computer, or family computer.
They have the software to sell. I think they even still work!
There are some snack shop on the top floor and there are some arcade games.

2. Nissin Camera


Location: Akihabara

This is the place I bought my camera. Nikon D3100 with lens.
They have good quality second hand camera. So they have cheaper camera than brand new one. But they still work normally.
If you are looking for some camera, try Akihabara! There are plenty of camera shop if you are looking for a camera.


Location: Ikebukuro

I found a stylish care, they have yard in front, and terrace.
Unfortunately it was a cloudy day when I visited there. But it looked still cozy.
They have dinner menu too, if you are interested. They were roasting chickens outside.
They have free wifi there, but it wasn’t really good. Maybe it was because of I took the terrace seat, I couldn’t connect it at all. If you come here for the wifi, try the seats inside cafe!

4. Tokyo Art Theater

This place is located in Ikebukuro, around West side.
This is a theater for a drama play or music orchestra. There are post office, a cafe, snack shop, art shop inside. And they even have free wifi.
If you are looking for free wifi which is connectable, you should come here. You don’t really have to buy anything to use wifi. There are some chairs to rest.


And if it’s summer or fall that’s not too cold or hot outside, you can come hang out here.
This is the Westgate park. There was a TV drama that they used this place.
There are events weekend sometimes here. Second hand book market, music event or dance event.

I hope some of this could be on the list of yours!
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