Hiroshima for the first time

Hiroshima. The place where I dream of. I wanted to go there because it’s kinda famous historical place in Japan.

So, I went to Hiroshima for the first time. There was a reason to go there.One of my ex share house mate was getting married, me and few other share house mate came to Hiroshima to celebrate his new chapter of his life.
The wedding and reception was held during the week called golden week in Japan. Air plain ticket, bullet train ticket and hotel expense becomes higher price, it wasn’t a cheap trip, I admit.

I bought a bullet train ticket on my way to Hiroshima. I know I should’ve booked them earlier. But hey, it’s too late 😀

We checked in to our hotel, and took a walk in the city.
The city looked like just like any city in Japan. but there was a canal.


Hiroshima is perhaps best known as the first city in history to be targeted by a nuclear weapon.

There were so many cenotaph or memorial monument in the city, that I didn’t know.
And the one of the thing I really wanted to see was the Atomic Bomb Dome.

We Japanese learn the history in class, and I read the manga about Hiroshima after the atomic bomb.
Seeing this place with my own eyes means so much. I literally couldn’t say anything. Just a gasp came out from my mouth.
I hope there is no war in this world some day.

Me and my boyfriend went back to the hotel, started getting ready to go to the wedding reception.
The reception was so much fun. We had a little chat with old and new friends. I don’t have permission to put any photo here, so I just cut it out about the wedding here.

Next day, we went to the Itsukushima shrine in Miyajima.
To go to Miyajima, you have to take a boat. It took 10 minutes to get to Miyajima.

Miyajima is most famous for shrine gate, which at high tide seems to float on the water.
After we got off from the boat, all of the passenger take same path to see the shrine gate.

So here, I finally got to see the famous shrine gate. It wasn’t a really good weather, but I’m okay with that.


After seeing the famous gate, we took a walk around the island. It looked like this is sacred place for the ancient people.

We went to the aquarium here in Miyajima. Aquarium is a good place to calm your nerves.
I had an argument with my boyfriend since yesterday. We finally managed to calm our nerves down here. 😀

When we tried to go back to the hotel, something great happened.
It was the time for low water, the path to the shrine gate showed up. People gathered around the gate.


We kinda joined them. But I felt something, so I didn’t go close so much. I was afraid if I get close too much, something bad thing would happen. I am atheist but sometimes I’m a believer.

Next day was the day to return to Tokyo. We decided to go for the Hiroshima castle, and other place before we get on our way home.

I didn’t know much about the Hiroshima castle before I visit here.
The original castle was brown away by the atomic bomb, so the thing you can see is the replica of the castle.
And they still keep the ground where the original castle used to be. This place reminded the Haiku(俳句) of Mastuo Basho(松尾 芭蕉). He wrote a poet about the place. Where the strong samurai fought, now he saw only the green grasses in summer. I imagined this was what he felt like.

We had some time to see, so we went to the park called Shukkeien. This place was so pretty, calm and relaxing. My favorite was feeding the carps. You can purchase the bait by the bridge. The carps was desperately trying to put something into their mouth. But I wanted to feed the tiny turtle!! But carps was messing around the poor turtle! 😦

My boyfriend loved here because he found himself a friend, a friendly dove. A dove was also desperate, trying to eat something here. But I think he decided to go for the friendly plan. My boyfriend tried to feed the doves by his hand, like he literally put the carp bait on his hand, tried to feed them. And one dove was brave enough to eat from there.

We went around the park, got back where we started to see.
We ate some lunch here, and we went on our way to Tokyo.

I didn’t plan anything, but it’s not bad except the argument. haha

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