A Day In Yamanashi – Visit The Sunflower Field

I once visited a stunning sunflower field. And it was a bloody good day.
One of my friend who went there with me would tell you that was a bloody bad day though.
I’ll tell you later.

It was a organized plan by our company. It is a retail store management company, and they have a good welfare service, and this is one of the benefit program by the company.
I think you might find the trip plan package flier in some station.

I don’t know about Yamanashi so much. There’s Mt. Fuji, Kawaguchi lake and Yamanaka lake. But This is not about the Mt. Fuji or Kawaguchi lake.

The trip plan was like this.

  • Meet up in Shinjuku
  • Get in the bus, go to Yamanashi
  • Have Barbecue lunch
  • Picking, peaches, vegetables
  • Go to the sunflower field
  • Return to Tokyo

The price was just about 7500 yen, including bus seats or any activities fee.

I talked to some friends and we decided to go on the trip. But the co-worker has to come with us somehow. He didn’t really like to go, because his hobby was gambling. But we managed to convince him to come with us.

On the day of the trip, I met friends up in the station before we go to the bus. But the responsible co-worker was late for the time, we waited for him and turns out he forgot his wallet in his home. What a man. Of course he didn’t bring the money to go to this activity.
One of my friend lend some money to him.
And we went to the meeting up place.

We paid the money here before we got in the bus.
The bus was okay, we sat on the seats at the back because we had 5 people of our party and we were largest group.
I get car sick when I’m on a car mostly, I didn’t get that much car sick on this day.

Lunch time! … With a small incident.

I think it took 2 hours to get to the place that we were gonna have lunch.
The weather was little grayish blue sky and so warm. We had this place to have lunch.
The grape roof was so cute.


The Barbeque we had was kinda different with normal barbeque equipment.
They use the the plate which was made of lava from Mt. Fuji.

We were supposed to do the peach picking after lunch. But the plan manager said it’s too hot to do the activity outside, we might have hyperthermia, so they gave us 5 peaches for each.

Peach was so good, so sweet, I decided to buy some 5 more to make jam.
They sell some souvenir at the shop area, peach and grape related snacks, peach and other.

We had some break time here, and one of our friends started feel sick. She said she didn’t feel good from the morning but she decided to go. But she couldn’t stand, she lied down on the floor. The plan manager found us and he brought our leader, the co-worker who forgot his wallet to go out.

They called an ambulance, so our leader has to go with her to the hospital.
I went back to the bus, but the leader came back to borrow some more money for the hospital because he didn’t bring any money with him on this day. What a leader we had 😀
The girl who ended up in a hospital said, she didn’t bring the free peach with her. Poor thing. She most likely paid 7500 yen to go to Yamanashi, eat barbeque and get carried to the hospital. And she had to pay more money at the hospital, I think. We had our leader’s peach because he brought it to the bus. So he gave those peaches to the girl later.
Both of them would say it was the worst day ever.

We moved to next place for this activity. The activity was vegetable bagging. I just made up this word because I don’t know the word for English.
We get a bag, and you put the vegetables as mush as you can into the bag. You can use only one bag to get a vegetables, you can stretch it out, but do not tear them apart. There were some kinds of vegetables in some box on the table. Carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, egg plants, onions.


When we were done with the vegetable bagging, finally it’s time to go to the sunflower field! 😀

They were so beautiful. I haven’t done such a thing which makes me happy in a long time!
There were some ice cream stand, juice stand there.
There was honey ice cream, the honey came from the sunflower. We had the ice cream on our way to Tokyo.

I really recommend this place if you have time in summer!
The barbeque place is called Asamaen. The Sunflower field is Akeno no himawari batake.

I used to hate summer, because it’s too hot. But summer is okay, it’s not that bad. You might be sweaty but the soothing shower awaits me.

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