One Day Trip From Tokyo: Ueno

About Ueno

Ueno is a downtown district in Tokyo.
There are some museums, a zoo, beautiful park, temples and crowded streets with restaurants, pubs, and shops.
I see lots of foreigner there and I know it’s popular place to go, but I still wanna tell you about this place.

Highlight of Ueno

  1. Ueno Zoo
    Some of people doesn’t like zoo due to animal rights. Sadly it’s popular place to spend time together, especially if they have little children. And it’s the only zoo you could see giant panda in Japan.
  2. National Museum of Western Art
    I have entered this museum once or twice. It’s kinda too expensive to visit often.but there are so many art there. I would love to visit there countless times. Maybe I could sketch there? ☺️
  3. National Science Museum
    You can see some fossils here, what kind of dinosaur lived around in Japan, or stuffed animal, and herb garden on roof. I’ve visited this place some times, it was really nice time.
  4. Ameyoko
    Ameya Yokocho is known as Ameyoko. The market street everyone wants to go. Fish market, kebab stand, clothing shop, shoes store, weird mask shop, ramen restaurant, pubs, restaurants, etc. Just walking around could get you to the next station.
    I was 15 years old when I came here for the first time, and it was school trip day. I remember the fruit bar stand, and I really liked it.
  5. Ueno Onshi park
    Ueno Onshi park is known as Ueno Park. But correct name is that name.
    It is the famous place to do “Hanami”, if you know about it. Hanami is a tradition event to celebrate that spring has come. People come gather around with friend under the tree and get drunk.
    And my favorit spot is Shinobazu Pond. They have water lily in the pond. And there are so many food stands there.

Maybe you can go to the museum first. They close at 17:30 and then go to the Ameyoko or the park.

I hope you have fun in Ueno!
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