One Day Trip From Tokyo: Ikebukuro Sunshine City

If you came to Tokyo and if it’s raining unfortunately, there’s something you can do still.
Yes, resting at a hotel room is good thing to do in a rainy day. But if you still wanna go out, there’s the spot for you!



Ikebukuro is a amusement city which is filled with anime or manga and cute stuff. If you the lover of those culture you would love to be there, I assume.

The Ikebukuro station could be a maze if you didn’t choose the right course. There’s  the central 1 and 2 gate, the South gate and the North gate. But mainly you should be choosing central 1 and 2 because those gate leads you to West or East exit.

And the amusement part in Ikebukuro is the East side.
There’s Sunshine City, Parco, Animate, Seibu-department store which is a shopping mole center. And some hidden cosplay shop and manga shop in the tiny street.

The main part of amusement in Ikebukuro shall be the Sunshine City. It is also a shopping mole center with some amusement.

Highlight of Ikebukuro Sunshine City

Sunshine city is a shopping mole.
If you have to go out when it’s raining, you want to come to the place you can escape from the rain. Couples, family, friends … they come to have fun here.

  1. Prince Hotel
    There’s the fancy hotel in the Sunshine City. My favorite place is the restaurant there.
    They do buffet for the lunch time and you don’t have to check in to get the table.

    Entrance to the restaurant at Prince Hotel
  2. Namja Town
    Namja Town is an amusement park with some anime related restaurant with their menu. They have fairly tale town, old Japanese town and some cat related street.
    And each section has unique attraction. Recommended for family.
  3. J-World
    J-World is an anime related amusement park. There’s a magazine called “Jump” in Japan. And they are the same publisher of manga, such as Deathnote, Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece. So there are some attraction with those anime. Recommended for family or kids or lover of those manga.

  4. Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo
    Since old Pokemon Center was closed for good, this place became sanctuary for pokemon lover. You know Pokemon is short for Pocket Monster, right?image1
  5. Restaurant floor
    When I went to Sunshine City to take some photo, I stumble upon this floor and it was so big and there were so many kinds of food. Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, steak house and more. I was so surprised that there were too many. I wonder how people choose the one from them.
  6. Sunshine Aquarium
    Sunshine Aquarium is the aquarium in the middle of asphalt jungle. You could learn the world underwater.
  7. Planetarium – 満天 Manten
    Unfortunately I haven’t been there myself. I’m sorry for that.
    There is English audio guides, so you don’t have to hear Japanese. 😉
*requires higher budget.

Around Ikebukuro Sunsine City

  • Animate
    Animate is short for anime-mate, I guess. And this is the largest shop you could find in Japan about manga stuff. I’m not really a fan of manga anymore though.
    But most of people come to this place to buy comics, anime goods, anime CDs, and DVDs.
  • Parco and P’ Parco
    Parco is a fashion shopping mole for young people. They would have some trendy clothes, make up cosmetics and accessories.
  • Seibu department store
    Seibu department store has lot of kind shops. There are fancy meke up brand shop, brand shop as Hermes, Gucci, Brand wristwatch shops, furniture shops, some sports product shops and variety shops.
    I’m not really sure these are enough to describe the store. But anyway this store sells fancy stuff. People who cares about the quality comes here. Even the food is better quality.
  • Muji
    Do you know Muji? It’s the Japanese brand shop. And they have organic food, clothes, fabric, furniture and starionary.
    And here in Ikebukuro, there’s Muji store next to Seibu department store. They have simple design for every product.
  • Lesser known second hand manga shops and cosplay shops
    Ikebukuro is kinda sanctuary for otaku culture, so there’s more than Animate.
    Animate sells brand new comics, but these small shops sells second hand comics and you can sell too! Some place also sells second hand anime goods, CDs and DVDs as well. If your budget is limited, this is the place for you. Only if you don’t mind about second handed things.
  • Cafe and restaurant outside Sunshine City
    Inside Sunsine City, everything looks great and fancy. But they are also a little bit expensive for the meal if you go every day. And if you wanna spend less money, there are plenty of cafe and restaurants out there!
    The small street behind the Sunshine 60 street has soooo many restaurants!
  • Electronics retail stores
    There are electronics retail stores in East and West, both side of station. But I’m gonna focus on East side here.
    There are Bic Camera and Yamada denki LABI in East side.
    But there are 3 stores of Bic Camera East side, and Yamada denki LABI is the biggest store in the East side.


As you can see, there are so many place to see in the east side of  Ikebukuro.
You wouldn’t be able to see them all in a day.

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