Tokyo Comicon

From 2th to 4th December, the Tokyo comicon was held. And I had to go there and see the difference between comicon and Tokyo comicon.
I have never been to comicon in the USA, but I watch some videos on youtube and watch some interviews.
But I found it quite different.
Here’s what I thought.


Advertisement for future movie

There were some movies that they are not on the theater, and they were trying to be successful for the movie.
There were the Assassin Creed movie and they even brought the game in the booth. I have never played Assassin Creed but I gave it a try, and you know what? I like it!! I might buy the game but I’m not going to see the movie in the theater I think.
And there was the Resident Evil movie booth. And they were using same thing as Tokyo Game Show 2016. Although there wasn’t the motorbike at the TGS.
I’m a little bit excited for the new game, the Resident Evil 7, definitely not for the movie though.


There were so many cosplayers. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures of them. Because I don’t really like cosplaying. And how they pose creeps me out.
I found so many games cosplayers on youtube video, but I didn’t find any of them in the Tokyo Comicon. Too bad for me because I like games a lot!!


Miniature scales

There were so many miniature scales there were even the real size ones. I fascinated for these mostly. They were too good, looked like real.


There were photo shooting with celebrity, getting the autograph from them. But you have to pay the money for that. If you don’t pay, you can’t even peek the celebrities.
Seriously I was disappointed. I don’t know how it works in American Comicon. I felt it like they were trying to get the money to pay for those celebrities, that makes them put in a hard work. Poor celebrities.
For those of you wondering about who they were, it was Jeremy Renner, Matthew Lewis, Billy Boyd and Lance Henriksen. The price to take a picture with celebrities was around from 8000 yen to 15000 yen. And you have to pay to download the picture.
I searched about #TokyoComicon on Instagram. And I found some pictures that the same person got the pictures with multiple celebrities.
Looks like some people were really desperate.

Well it looks like it was a economics event.
I wouldn’t attend next year.


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