When to travel in Japan

So, here’s thing.
There’s always good season to travel which is expensive, and less tourist season which is cheap in Japan. Let’s talk about that.

About high season and off-season in Japan.

High season. It’s the season you would see the beautiful view. The cherry blossoms in spring, summer season to swim or hike, the colorful leaves in autumn, winter sports season such as snowboarding and skiing.
Those are the thing that make trip expensive. Everyone want to see the beautiful scenery, take a pictures, selfies. It should make you feel happy or satisfied.

So around March, April,November, December, January would be expensive.

Ueno park in Aipril. As you can see. it’s full of people. They are here to see the cherry blossom and get drunk.

Off-season. It’s the season with cheap price, less tourist. And the costs for the tickets for the bullet train, air plain and the hotels. If you wanna travel with cheaper price, I recommend you to come in this season!

Japanese Holidays.

There’s always cultural holidays in a country. Of course we have some too.

New year

We spend the 31st December for cleaning the house because it’s the traditional way to have a new year with fresh house. It is said “Cleanse all the stains and spots that we got this year.”
And we spend the 1st January to greet every kins and families, eat the fortune food and drink to celebrate the new year.

So most of people start going back to their hometowns around the end of December. Or a few people goes on a trip since their companies are on a holiday too.
It should be full of people around that time on bullet train, plain, train, buss and even the highways. And of course there is going, and there is coming back. The first weekend of new year would be also full of people in the traffic.

Golden Week

What is a golden week? It’s the national holidays in May and the whole week could be a day offs for people who works at a company.
The 3rd is the constitution day, the 4th is the green day and the 5th is the children’s day. You might wonder about the green day. It’s not the band day. It’s the day to thank the green nature, and grow a better mind.
Because of these 3 national holidays there’s always 5 days offs for some people. And around the golden week, the bullet train and air plain tickets always get expensive.


Obon is a Buddhist culture, people believe their ancestor visit their family, and that’s why family have to visit their grave.
The week we have the obon is usually from 13th to 16th in August. Around that time including the weekend, the cost of the trip would be expensive.

And there’s the summer vacation for most of students. So kids are everywhere in this month.

When is the cheap time to travel?

The good time to travel which is less tourist and cheaper is the months with no national holidays, people says. That means time that normal people would be working and going to school.

The good time to travel would be February, June, July, October in my opinion. But June is the rainy season, and July is super warm season. I’m not really sure you wanna travel that time.

The winter sport tour could be still high price in February, so you wanna go for south such as Okinawa and Kyushu.


Rainy season

There’s the rainy season in Japan. It’s starting from June and finishing in July. It should be raining most of day in this season. People prepare the raincoat, umbrellas, and rain boots. I recommend you to have one of them, if you coming to Japan in this time. And it’s super humid. Always have a bottle of water please.

Typhoon season

There’s the typhoon season in September to October.
You never had typhoon in your country? It’s basically windy and rainy day. Sometimes people dies by accident. You really can’t go out and enjoy your day with this weather.
Maybe indoor stuff should make your day. And still it’s warm around this time, always have a bottle of water.


I heard some museums in Europe are closed during the winter.
But in Japan museums are opened during the winter. But they are closed in the end of December to the beginning of January. And they have closed days too, in a week.

I wonder…

Is it same for other countries? Is is same in your country?
If it’s not, what’s the difference?


This is just my opinion, if you think it’s wrong, tell me about it. I wanna know about the other opinion 😉
I hope you have a good time in Japan 🙂
If you have information more than this please comment below!

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