One Day Trip From Tokyo: Ghibli Museum


You really can’t miss to go to ghibli museum when you come to Tokyo, if you’ve never been there and you are a big fan of ghibli movies, you gotta go!


via ghibli museum official website

From the JR mitaka station, you can take a bus which cost you 210 yen, or you can take a walk to the museum.

We took a walk from the station, through the cute street with a small stream. I found some nice cafe around the museum, there were even a bird cafe.


For Japanese it’s easy to get them, but I don’t think it’s same as a foreigner.

If you live in Japan:

You can buy the tickets at the Rawson which is the one of convinience store.
There’s the ticket machine called roppi, you have to book the ticket at the machine first. Then you have to enter your name and other info when you are booking, so your name will be written in the ticket.
If you complete booking the tickets, the machine will give you the receipt, and you bring the reciept to the cashier, and pay the money there.
Usually you have to wait for a month to go to the museum.

Or you can book the ticket with the call, or the internet.
If you book the ticket on internet, you have to go to the rawson and do the same instruction there.
If you wish to book the tickets with phone calls, the number changes if you are going the day you made phone call, or the other days later.

If you don’t live in Japan:

Buy the tickets from JTB oversea, or book them on internet. Don’t forget print it out when you book online.

The Rules Inside The Museum

You are not allowed to take photo inside the museum, “the museum is not the main character, you are.” They say.
You can take photos outside such as the cafe terrace or the roof.


There were no correct route to take, so you’ll be lost and you find your way to explore. And find the things people miss 😀
I took this photo before I got inside of the museum!

Things I realized in the museum

You might get the English pamphlet but there were no English guidance inside. All the explanation was written in Japanese, there weren’t even English at all.

There were some cute story board that Mr. Miyazaki wrote, it was a little bit shame, there were only Japanese. I wonder foreigners wouldn’t mind that.
If you have Japanese friends and you learn some art, and you wanna know what they are writing about, you should bring your Japanese friends so they can translate for you I thought.

They give you the film ticket for each, and it’s random you can’t choose.
If you take a look, it’s the scene from the ghibli movie.
My friends got famous one. Sophie at the hat shop, cat buss, and the Ponyo and Sousuke, trying to get to the toy ship.
Mine was …. I don’t even know. I guessed it’s from When Marnie Was There Or the The Wind Rises. And I asked my other friend and she says it’s from the From Up On Poppy Hill.
I have check that movie because I’ve never seen it! 😀

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