Visiting Rikugien In Autumn 六義園

What’s Rikugien?

Rikugien is a Japanese garden which is designed by Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu in 1695. It took 7 years to build this beautiful garden and they opened to the public it in 1938.

Entrance fee: 300 yen

Where is it?

The garden is located in Komagome, Tokyo.
It takes 5 minutes to get to the garden from JR Komagome station.
You’ll find the way if you follow the stream of people.

Why I went to the Rikugien.

The reason I went to the beautiful garden is just to see the beautiful autumn leaves and view.
To practice my photography skills.
And there is a night light up when it’s getting dark at this season.

I got Stomach flu last weekend and I was still in recovery time at this day.
But I had a plan going here with my friend but I couldn’t because of it.
I really wanted to see the place while it’s the color of autumn. So I forced myself to come here. And I’m satisfied.


It’s a little bit hard to walk when it’s darkened, but it looks beautiful when the leaves are shined by the light between the darkness.

Watch your steps, seriously.

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