Sayamakyuryo aka Totoro’s Forest

What’s totoro’s forest?

There’s wood between Tokyo and Saitama which is next prefecture to Tokyo.
It’s called Sayamakyuryo(狭山丘陵), some people say this woods was the inspiration behind the forest in My Neighbor Totoro.forest28

How to get there?

It’s located near by Tokyo, so if you are staying Tokyo, you can get there.
Take Seibuikebukuro line(西武池袋線) from Ikebukuro station(池袋駅).
Seibuikebukuro line is not JR line, so if you have come with JR line, you have to transfer.
From ikebukuro station, you should take the express(急行) train.
Semi-express(準急) train is slower than express, and rapid(特急/快速) one in seibuikebukuro line might be all reserved seat which means you have to pay for the seat and get in.
(I didn’t take rapid one, so if someone know about it please comment it 🙂 )

The train map via Seibutetsudo

And if you took right train, the stop you should look for is the Kotesashi station(小手指駅).
It takes 5 stops to get to Kotesashi station, and 6th should be the one.

The reason we took the train to Kotesashi station, there is the bus station in the Kotesashi station. And you could take the bus to get to the Kurosuke’s house(クロスケの家) near by.
The stop you hage to get off is the Dainichido(大日堂).
Maybe you should ask the driver if the bus is going there. We took wrong bus( even though we are the Japanese.), we had to walk to the Dainichido bus stop.

The organization of Totoro’s forest makes a walk through map.
Here’s one of them.

E38388E38388E383ADE381AEE6A3AEE3818AE695A3E6ADA9E3839EE38383E38397-fb506 (1).jpg
The image from Find travel

Kurosuke’s house(クロスケの家)

On the map, the left upper red point is the Kurosuke’s house.
I strongly suggest you to go there!

Because … there’s totoro there!

This house is maintained by organization of totoro’s fund.
And the profit of all the goodies or facilities will be used to keep the totoro’s forest safe.
The forest could be destroyed to make graveyard.
I suggest you to help them if you have some spare change.
Of course I did buy some goodies and paid for toilets!! 😀

Walk through the nature.

If you leave the Kurosuke’s house and follow the trail of the map, you are going to see the nature, and view of country side.


We, I and my friends took the orange trail.
And I didn’t even know, that there is a lake near by!!

Sayama lake
Unfortunately it was cloudy day, but it was not that bad.
I am sure if it’s sunny it would be more beautiful view though.


And you could see cute old shrine!

On the map, this 卍 mark means temple. Don’t freak out, that doesn’t mean nazi!  But you can see it’s slightly different with the nazi mark.
And temples/Buddhism are comes from India, China like the oversea countries.
They have some gods who has names.

But shrine/shinto comes from Japan. And they pray for elemental, spiritual nature.
And they say they have 800 million gods.

Ok! Enough with the religion!

By the time you get to the station, you would be kinda tired.
I recommend you to wear sports clothing with some foodies or something you can layer.
But the black is not the good color to wear, especially around August to October. Because the hornets are super active around that time and they can be really aggressive if you wear black.
And Japanese hornets are known as super aggressive and big!
I went to the forest on November, and I didn’t see any hornets! Thank god!!

Well, have a good trip and I hope you are well!

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