Visiting Rikugien In Autumn 六義園

Rikugien, the beautiful Japanese garden.

What’s Rikugien?

Rikugien is a Japanese garden which is designed by Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu in 1695. It took 7 years to build this beautiful garden and they opened to the public it in 1938.

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Sayamakyuryo aka Totoro’s Forest

The forest, inspiration behind the My Neighbor Totoro.

What’s totoro’s forest?

There’s wood between Tokyo and Saitama which is next prefecture to Tokyo.
It’s called Sayamakyuryo(狭山丘陵), some people say this woods was the inspiration behind the forest in My Neighbor Totoro.forest28 Continue reading “Sayamakyuryo aka Totoro’s Forest”