About this blog

Who’s writing?

Hello! My name is Mai. I was born and raised in Japan.
English is not my native language. I’ve been living in Japan since I was born and never left the country before.
I describe myself as independent, responsible, cheerful and funny woman.
I wear glasses, I don’t really wear contact lenses. I think it became the part of my face.


What do I like?

My hobby is drawing, painting and playing games. I play mostly PC game, like online games or steam games and others.
The games I play: World of Warcraft, Hearthstone(occasionally),  Minecraft(occasionally), Steam games. I used to play League of Legend bu no more, since it drives me crazy, I don’t wanna annoy other people because of I am annoyed.

But I really like photography too, even though I suck at it.
And I like exploring the world and reading novels, poems, quotes, or blog what so ever.


What’s this blog for?

I started this blog to note the place that I’ve been to, and to improve my English.
I wanted to make a travel blog for foreigner, so I could introduce some places in Japan to non Japanese people.
But I also want to make a post about non Japanese place to Japanese people. So I might post some blog in Japanese to introduce some other country’s culture to Japanese people.

Terms of Use

Sorry to bother you, but I have to make this right.

  1.  Copyright Policy
    I will put my credit to the materials that I own. (©Cheerful Glasses On Journey)
    That means you can not use my material to reprint or publish.
  2.   Reserve Rights
    I have the right to change everything about my blog (or about my terms of use), to erase it, to break it or every other stuff that I could want to do with it.